Capturing Creator Andres Esparza- The Artist Behind Vault

There’s something about getting into the mind of an artist that fascinates me. Finding out how they’re inspired, what they’re like, it’s all wonderful. Over the following week I will be sharing many of these artistic minds, all members of the team behind John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vault, including artist, Andres Esparza. This gory sci-fi thriller is created by a fantastic team, some of whom, may not be well-known, including Andres. Each of this group should be, however, as they all possess skills that when put together make for a chilling and mysterious read.
Read on below to find out how Andres got involved with Vault and what his creative process was on this adventure.

What made you want to be involved with creating Vault?

Definitely the script, amazing script by James Ninness. John and Sandy and space horror.

What can you tell me about your background as an artist?

I have almost 15 years working as an illustrator and comic book artist. I did some local comic books,
and storyboards for advertising agencies and some author book covers and also for a short time i used
to be a videogames concept artist.

You’ve done some amazing work. Your style is consistent yet still flexible enough that you bring writers
work to life well. What made you decide on the comic book world as a medium?

I use canvas as my second language, that way I can express what I feel when I read the script. I put
myself in their shoes, it´s like I give them life. You have to turn into a director, photographer,
choreographer, actor, architect, etc. That´s why I love comics, because I can be all those things.
Do you have a method while creating, things that need to be in place when you sit down for example?
Must of all, music, sometimes some Netflix series or movies. But mainly music helps me get into the
creative mood.

The artwork in Vault is just perfectly in sync with the writing. It’s detailed enough that it’s realistic
and adult yet still maintains the classic comic book style many of us love. How did you and the team get
on the same page to achieve this?

Very good communication and creativity freedom is the key!. Working with James and Sandy has been
such a pleasure, they are open to new ideas and really me make me feel free to make suggestions. It´s
a dream work with them.

As an artist, I know everyone has their Achilles heel when it comes to creating. What is something you
struggled with while working on this project?

Sincerely I struggled with some details with the spaceships and technical aspects. Some interior
designs. But then when I get what I need to do, all goes like water, very fluid.
The entire project was a challenge, and it is amazing because it makes me get the best of me as an
artist. I’m kind of picky at storytelling, but I always keep a close eye with the anatomy with every
aspect of the pages design.

I am a fan of patterns and shapes so I think I’d thoroughly enjoy drawing explosions and the gore over
everything. Is there a part that you had a lot of fun with in The Vault?

Hard question! I have to say that everything! I love every detail of the pages! It makes me smile and
feel proud now that I saw the work printed!

What is next for you? There are two more installments to Vault but do you have plans after that or
projects you’d like to get involved with?

There’s a lot coming soon, some amazing projects but sadly right now I can´t tell you details, you
know, top secret (wink wink). I hope to work on more personal stuff too.

I want to take a moment and thank you, the artwork was perfectly executed and really brought the
words to life. You’ve an immense talent and I appreciate all of your time answering these questions.

Thanks to you! For your time, support and interest in what we do! Saludos desde México!!!

Andres Esparza

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