John Carpenter’s Tales of Sci Fi Vault #2 Review

Written by James NinnessVault #2 of 3Colors by Sergio Martinez
Pencils by Andres Esparza
Letters by Janice Chiang
Cover by Cat Staggs

The Gaia crew continue their exploration of Vault. With the countdown clock at under two hours and moving, the crew must handle the species that seem to be running the show. How quickly they solve the puzzle of what exactly the ship is counting down to and what is on board with them will determine their survival.

In this latest installation of John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vault, we’re introduced to some answers and left with more questions. The writing in this issue is detailed and brings the reader into a very complicated story-line with ease. If you’ve not read the first installation, I’d recommend going back and checking it out regardless as it’s phenomenal.

Ninness gives us a peak at the monsters behind the massacre but still keeps us questioning what the creatures want and just what their level of intelligence is. What happened on Vault? Who exactly wrote the Dickinson quote on the entry to Vault (in #1) and why? I found this one of my favorite pieces to the series so far, it’s hard for me to find something that keeps me guessing but Ninness has really done that. I feel like I’ve a grasp on what’s coming and then there’s a curveball and I’m left wondering again just where the tale is headed.

Vault is very much remnant of some of my favorite creature features and handles well as a comic series. It has a touch of The Thing via some of it’s color scheme and a bit of Event Horizon vibe in that the ship has quite a bit of life to it. Right down to the small bites that tease us to the main course, we’re given just enough information to move the action along.One look at the artwork can fill in the blanks of the writing as we move along which is exactly how it should be. Ninness and Vault’s artistic team nail the symbiosis between written word and imagery. Not only do the two feed one another, they actually enhance each other’s work- a rare find.

Overall I have to highly recommend this series and this installment of Vault to anyone who enjoys the sci-fi, thriller, horror or creature feature genre, great art–hell anyone. It’s outstanding.

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